Month: June 2016

Submissions to Policy Forum

Several members responded to the request to contribute to the Labour Party Policy Forum.  The Priority Areas this time were Mental Health and Early years/ Early help so some of the contributions (on broader family support for all age groups, children in care, and on adolescents/young people – including leaving care, and vulnerability to criminalisation or sexual exploitation) were too detailed to include this time but are stored in hope that these will become priority areas. A submission was made to each of the priority areas-  Thanks to Jane Tunstill and James Blewett who broadened out our family support submission to include older age groups.  Also in accompanying submission we made the point that, although they overlap, Labour should be aware that early years and early help are not synonymous.  Rob Murphy led on the mental health submission but has also put in a separate more detailed submission (attached).  A general submission on social work was put in to both of the priority groups.  If you would like to see these on the Labour website, go to  You will need a Labour Party membership number to sign in, but I am attaching all the submissions to this post.