A Labour Manifesto for Social Work 2015

As a starter, let us have your views on our below draft Labour Manifesto for Social Work 2015.

Help us fill in the details around your particular area of  concern or expertise.

  • A Labour government will take urgent steps to repair the damage inflicted by the coalition on the life chances and quality of life of adults and children struggling to get by.
  • A Labour government will value social work as a public service profession, whose members seek creatively to meet the needs of adults and children living through difficult times.
  • A Labour government will reestablish coherence to the democratic and participatory structures for providing social work services, combining the best of public, and third sector provision.
  • A Labour government will maximize the funding available to locality-based decision-makers and social work teams, and make standards for employers of social workers mandatory.
  • A Labour government will require all third sector-provided social work and social care services to be registered and inspected and will conduct a thorough review to ensure that OFSTED and CQC systems and inspectors have the confidence and respect of those whose work they are inspecting.
  • A Labour government will build on the progress made by the Social Work Task Force to strengthen social work qualifying and post-qualifying education and training, and ensure a fair and adequate funding regime for all social work students.

4 thoughts on “A Labour Manifesto for Social Work 2015

  1. A Labour government will ensure there is accountability for all, especially employers, who fail to respect social work values as expressed in the national occupational Code of Practices.


    1. Thanks Mike. It is really important to get comments that expand on our broad points. One early aspiration for the group, after May &- whichever way that goes- is to try to persuade Labour to settle on someone senior enough in the party to take an interest in social work and brief themselves on such issues. Problem is that social work (and services for those who need social workers) is so fragmented between Govt Depts. We’ve had some encouraging tweets from MPs we didn’t approach initially. Do you have any MPs you know may be sympathetic?


    1. Thanks Mike. Lets keep fingers crossed for May 7th. I agree with you. Lisa Nandy is a champion for community-based social work. For a brief period she was the Shadow Minister for children and after May 7th, will contact her. Didn’t realise you are local. Would be good for Sam and I to meet up with you.


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