Changes to LSWG Leadership

At the 2021 Annual meeting following the resignation of Sam Baron (who stays on as a Committee Member) the following changes were agreed- members having been alerted earlier to the nominations

Co-Chairs  Dr Anne Cullen and Prof Tony Evans 

In the course of her career Dr Anne Cullen has worked in local authority services for both children and adults as a social work practitioner and manager in the Midlands and South East of England.  In her later career she has worked for Skills for Care, leading the development of practice learning opportunities and resources and as a social work practitioner and manager in a large teaching hospice. She is a past Chair of the Association of Palliative Care Social Workers. She is currently a Schwartz Round mentor for The Point of Care Foundation. Her main research interests are palliative and end of life social work and social work leadership.   She is Vice Chair, Membership, of the Banbury  local Constituency Labour Party.

Prof Tony Evans writes 

I’ve been a member of the Labour Party since my teens and at University was the Chair of the Labour Group. Since then I’ve been involved in local election volunteering (fly-ering, telling, canvassing etc), and I’m currently a member of the East Oxford branch of the party.

After working in the GLC and then community and patient advocacy in the NHS, I worked in adult residential care and subsequently trained as a Social Worker. My practice experience is mental health and forensic social work. I’m now Professor of Social Work at Royal Holloway University of London, where my work focuses on the relationship between practice and policy; and aspects of professionalism, particularly discretion and ethics.

Co Vice-Chairs

 Bill Esterson MP,   Helen Wood  Helen has worked in child and family social work as a social worker and team leader and currently works in a local authority children with disabilities tea.

Hon Secretary  June Thoburn  Emeritus Prof of Social Work

Committee members

Samantha Baron
Jacek Borek
Karen Goodman
Michael McGrath Brooks
Andy McCabe
Rob Murphy
Jonathan Stanley
Rene Smit
Jo Warner